Why Google+ Is Now Essential To Your SEO Strategy

Googles social network, Google+, has made a lot of buzz last year and it seems the latest social network is showing progress. While social network giant Facebook has now over 800 million active users, Google+ shows a lot of promise in terms of SEO functionality, and perhaps, the linchpin to one of the most popular buzzwords around -Social SEO.

So what’s the latest on Google+? Experian Hitwise recently tweeted that “Google+ total US visits reach more than 49 million in Dec-11, biggest month to date & up 55% compared to Nov-11 ow.ly/i/oT3R” It’s remarkable that Google+ doubled its traffic in just a month.” An analyst also said that if Google+ sustain its momentum, it will reach its target of 400 million users by the Q4 of 2012. It’s not far from happening because the proliferation of the Android platform has been on the rise as well. The strong sales of Android mobile devices coupled with its Google integration makes it a lot easier for users to get acquainted with Google+.

Aside from the tremendous growth of Google+, the social network is showing functionalities that can enhance SEO. If you already have a personal Google+ page then try googling yourself, don’t be surprised if your G+ profile page is in the top 5 results. Google+ promotes the use of hashtags as well. Google is known for putting a premium on quality and relevant content so it’s a no-brainer that Google+ wants to generate quality user-generated content using hashtags. Check out the post from Cyrus Shepard of SEOMoz, Shepard also said that Google+ is “incentivizing” inbound links which improves the quality of content online publishers feed the Web.

With these in mind, it’s obvious that Google+ is embracing a personal approach in order to increase its numbers while creating new ways to innovate SEO. So don’t be surprised if clients will ask you to place a Google+ thumbnail on their landing pages. Google+ is just starting to create new strategies to improve your SEO strategies through Social SEO.

So as Google+’s numbers continue to increase, are you convinced to include Google+ to your SEO strategies? What are some ways you can leverage Google+ to augment SEO strategies?

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