Search Ad Budgets Expected To Increase in 2012

It seems search marketing is still growing amidst the increasing trend of social advertising. A study from eMarketer announced that search ad budgets will increase by 27% in 2012. The study also shows that search ad budgets will hit $30 billion by 2016. Google remains to on top of the heap overwhelming Bing and Yahoo. As the US elections and Summer Olympic Games happens this year, search ad spending will maintain a strong yet steady growth this year.

Image via eMarketer

Google still remains the king of search advertising. It’s expected that Google’s revenues will be the one to increase quickly in 2012 among the top three search sites. While Microsoft’s growth rate is expected to transcend Google through 2014, Google still holds nearly 10 times Bing’s search ad revenue with $20.28 billion against Bing’s $2.21 billion.

The overwhelming trend of Facebook ads and other forms of social media advertising has not affected Google’s hold on the search ad market and will remain firm in the US. Google is expected to improve its engine by the recent social integration with YouTube and Google+. eMarketer predicts that Google will cover 77.9% of all US search ad revenues, and in 2014 will be 79.8% as Yahoo and AOL drop some shares. eMarketer’s study is based from meta-analysis of data from online advertising trends, company reports, and research agencies.

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