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Today I had lunch with the developer. We spent some time discussing power, which gives power to a video and makes it important for the evaluation and improving of SEO. We talked about how a minute video if exposed to the right audience, can generate hundreds if not thousands of back links and so increase traffic and credibility of your primary site. I thought it would be helpful and cool to make a few key points about “best practices” when uploading videos to YouTube. Given that Google bought YouTube, and it overtook Yahoo, putting it on the second most popular search engines, people must learn how to use video in online marketing.

SEO Optimalizace

YouTube drives a proprietary algorithm that affects the optimization of the title, caption, tags, views and reviews. These are items that affect author of the video (owner), and which have an impact on both placement in search lists YouTube as well as in basic Google search lists. Definitely use a coherent keyword name, connect clickable link to the beginning of the text box label. Although it may seem obvious – certainly Incorporate a direct call to action, which includes your website and of course the phone.


First To increase the popularity, add comments to your videos, so cheer viewers to watch your video. Second If possible, put YouTube videos on your page. Save bandwidth streaming media and the popularity of YouTube is reflected in the popularity of your site.

  • Third Name the video file should contain keywords.
  • 4th Include plenty of keywords in title and video description.
  • 5th Create your own online channel – or library. Ideally, add video, until you have 20 or more relevant titles.
  • In his new YouTube channel, be what most active. Commenting, rating, adding friends, it all helps to increase your visibility on YouTube.


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