Google’s New Privacy Policy Signals Product Integration

Google’s great integration scheme will take place in March. The new privacy update will finally allow its products such as Gmail, YouTube, and Google+ to be integrated and complement user experience. Google is condensing its 70 privacy settings and turning it into a single comprehensive and more transparent document. This move will enable users to use Google products through an integrated user platform.

Google aims to provide user more transparency and options, as well as, improve usability with Ads Preferences Manager and Google Analytics Tool. The great thing about the announcement is that Google will not share your personal information without your permission.The Google+ Search Plus Your World initiative last week plays a crucial role in Google’s worldwide privacy revamp.


Google knows how to put a premium on content. Nothing is random in today’s social web. What Google is doing now is a more tailored social search for results, ads, and other relevant things for you. The only thing we’re anticipating is for Google to launch an Open Graph of sorts for developers to be prolific on Google+. With tons of user information in their database, will Google eventually allow Google+ to be more open for marketers and businesses to utilize?

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